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over 8 years ago

Do any of these readings come true? ive had quite a few regarding my ex coming back and none have come true that he be back

over 8 years ago
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Psychic Angelic Anney (readerpsychic)

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Hello Gillian my love, If you would like to have a chat, I can discuss the issues with you, and bring your loved ones in spirit to bring you loving messages, God Bless

over 8 years ago
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Dexter Hamilton (psychicdexter)

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Hello, Please contact me so we can find out why your ex is not back with you? Best Wishes, Dexter…....

over 8 years ago
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Martin (mart)

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i removed it… just Hot Air i guess :P

over 8 years ago

If you’d like to use astrology it is very accurate in telling you what is going on in your life and your love life included. If you were to have an ex come back into your life it would definitely show in a solar return chart. Let me know if you are interested.

over 8 years ago
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MADAM AMOUR (madam_amour)

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Hello My Dear I Am Sorry You Havent Found What Your Looking To Find Out From The Others But I Am Here To Help You Truthfully I Have Plenty To Tell You So Contact Me Live Chat Right Away God Bless

over 8 years ago
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Scarlett Love Keeper Of Hea... (lovesorceressserenity)

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Blessings! I can read into his heart, mind, and soul and tell you his true feelings, thoughts, intentions and when and if you will be back together. Please meet me in chat for a reading. Love and Light.

over 8 years ago
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lorraine (readings_with_lorraine)

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hi, I don’t believe I’ve read for you. I’d be happy to do a reading for you to see what things will come your way. please feel free to contact me

over 8 years ago
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Angel Sound (clairvoyantvision)

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Sometimes it is free will. Have a chat with me and I’ll take a look at it for you.