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confused and numb

over 7 years ago

My name is rita, my dob is 08/20/1965, i have been involved with a guy for over 5 yrs, his name is jack, dob 07/26/1965, there has been an obstacle in our relationship all this time but then he came to me and told me that he cheated on me, we have both said that we are soulmates, and i thought that our love was strong and he would never do anything like that, what i don’t know is how to feel, what to think, where to turn, why he did this, will we get past this and be together? i am just very lost and numb right now. any insight will be appreciated, thanks rita

over 7 years ago
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You have to remember that nothing is certain in life. And people are HUMAN we are prone to making errors. He does love and care for you. It is up to you to decide if you are able to forgive him and try to work it out. I do see that he truly regrets it.