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Number 23 (Destiny or Coincidence)?

over 8 years ago
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Hello…my name Is Nina i was born September 12 1992. well here goes the story…..like allmost two years ago….i pretty much was depressed…so i pretty much went by the phrase of a song that says… (Ready to follow a sign …if there was only a sign) i really felt this lines…a lillte later i started to see the number 23 …everywhere but more especific in the time of the day….it started with 1:23 am and pm….then it went to any hour of the day. all of the sudden i stoped seeing the 23 at all. and now three months or so ago….i started music classes (and that is something that i wanted for a long time…and something that i love) so just as i started the classes i started seing 23 again…full strengh. ok and the part that really has me thinking…. my music teacher ( on whom i have a very strong liking and crush) seeing an oline profile of him… said he was 23!! to my suprise. What i would like to know…is what to think of this? Is his age being 23 means something… will i end up being with him? or what is it with the 23.

To anyone that could help me think better of this Thanks. Cheers