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This article is on loving and being loved through spiritual principles. Spiritual principles trump fear, lies, lust and neediness. This will help you get and/or keep the love your heart desires.

Question: Should you text your potential soul mate/lover?

Answer: Hierophant MAJOR ARCANA into 5 of cups Reversed MINOR ARCANA

Interpretation: Do not text a potential marriage partner or soul mate if you want it to work out or begin or last or even be successful.

I chose this subject on the spiritual newsletter because people are ruining potentially good relationships by texting.

This article does not apply to busy parents texting about family issues with their kids. This is for people complaining that he didn’t return my text, etc. who want to get married to the individual but are not.

My clients constantly ask me:

Should I text him? We text several times a day but does he love me? We’ve been in contact through text but that’s it. He texts me all the time but does he love me? He texted me last week but does he love me? I sent him an email and he texted me back but does he love me? We’ve been in contact by email but does he love me?

The major arcana tarot card, Hierophant, talks about using old school methods and faith in tradition as a justified and ancient source of power. It talks about the need to be supportive, sympathetic and loyal. It talks about a religious ritual, such as marriage and courtship, coming through receiving instructions, learning, guidance or inspiration.

I hope this newsletter will inspire you to touch one another’s spirits directly through the guidance it will give in learning how to get close enough to someone to marry them.

How does texting accomplish the above guidance? The point would be that it does not accomplish any of the above guidance in the reading.

So, if you’re wondering why the answers to all of the above questions is NO, this is your explanation. Why reinvent the wheel? Old school wisdom says, occasionally, we should take casual time out in getting to know a new potential mate to feel the texture of the others’ skin, smell the air, feel the warm glow from them, touch their hair, etc.

For those of you who vehemently disagree, here’s some food for thought. Last month, I randomly surveyed every male college student I could in preparation for this article to add credibility to what I already know to be true. These males returning to college ‘live to text’. I knew I could get a fresh perspective and surprisingly I got better than I expected.

Male after male told me that if they really cared about a girl, they would prefer to see her in person. The best part of my research was the one day I posed the question a group of males standing together, and the discussion concluded when they told me that some people today go so far as not only refusing to text but also refusing to talk on the phone. My point exactly. I like that. I advise my clients to speak on the phone only to make a date.

The New York Times bestseller ‘The Rules’, says you should not be on the phone with a potential marriage partner for more than 10 minutes. I say 2 or 3 minutes is all you need to make the date and I’ve said it for years. Vindication. People are getting it finally. If you want to learn how to do this technique, chat me up and I’ll explain it to you.

The second part of this reading, minor arcana 5 of cups reversed, talks of a relationship that has fallen below expectations. Any relationship based on texting falls below expectations and is destined to break-up or not work sooner or later. When you text some one, you eliminate a love connection. Well, if you’re texting you’re missing all of the above so you’re automatically at a disadvantage if the other partner can feel, hear or touch, your potential rival. The man is going to continue to look for someone with a better standard as outlined in this article.

Teenagers know texting is the #1 reason to lead to sex and lust; but not love. For people trying to make a REAL love connection, soul connection, heart connection, spiritual connection or any connection that leads to commitment; texting is a block! Texting implies distance or ‘space’. A walk in the park or around a lake at sunset after dinner in a restaurant is intimacy and closeness and will get you a lot farther in terms of really getting to know a person in one day, than 6 months and hundreds of dollars of texting!

Texting merely gives the ‘illusion’ that you’ve made contact.

It is a similar thing with e-mailing. E-mailing should really not come into courting. If he’s in a foreign country, contact me and I’ll tell you how to deal with that.

For further information and clarity as it pertains uniquely to you, let’s chat. Don’t be cold and lonely this winter. I will respond to an e-mail to schedule and appointment. Mention this article get half-off 20 minutes for $30.

Peace and Blessings, Angel of Lights

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You are my Hero Angel of Lights,I love your column and hope all people will take the time out to read such crucial information that is so true.I agree with everything you have said.

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Angel of Lights (angel_of_lights)

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Love that MOON! I’d like to get one up in my house…

I’m so very glad that you agree with this article and hope you will continue to read my articles. I respect you and your viewpoint on lying too. I agree with everything you say on your web page too! I do. Have a great one! Peace and Blessings.