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Monthly Crystalscopes Pt 2: September

over 7 years ago
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Crystalscopes for September 2011

By John Atla http://psychic.bitwine.com/users/59116-atlara

Crstyalscopes are based on the unique properties of various crystals and the insight each crystal has for you.

Virgo: Red Jasper Odds are, you will feel the need to help someone this month. It is in your best interest to act upon these feelings. Because it is not so much them that you are helping but yourself. This person will have issues that relate to past hurts for you. It is not important for you to go back and relive those past hurts, but to just heal them. The act of helping another will help you heal your own hurts.

Libra: Turquoise All is not well. You know this and so do those around you. The issue is that you don’t express yourself properly. By that I mean, you say one thing but show quite another. You may ask for peace but when others give it to you, you get upset that nobody is talking to you. What you need to do is learn to express your true feelings, the outcome will not be as bad as you think it will be. Turquoise can help you in this situation to express what you really need to say, stop hiding your emotions, people want to be with the real you, not the mask you put up.

Scorpio: Prehnite There is a good chance that a prophetic experience will happen for you this month. It may be in a dream or when you least expect it. But what meaning this message has is something you need to follow up on. It will most certainly be a light bulb moment for you so you won’t mistake it for something else. But the message is great. I would tell you but that would take a lot of the fun out of it for you, but it’s a big one.

Sagittarius: Azurite Azurite is a mental stone, many people meditate with it on their third eye. What Azurite is asking of you right now it to give it a task, to help you reach your goals. With Azurite as your partner, it is best to focus on what you want as if you have it already. Even if you think you are being rejected, don’t give it, because often what you will find is that Azurite has already mapped out a better outcome for you, you just have to trust it.

Capricorn: Rhodochrosite Relationships, that’s what Rhodochrosite is about. When I do a relationship reading for someone who has been wounded in love, this is a stone I recommend always. It’s powerful! It is such an understanding and loving stone and it loves to help people get back to feeling whole again. It’s most important message is self love, for without that, no one else can love you. Allow Rhodochrosite to help you find joy this month.

Aquarius: Selenite A fun fact about Selenite is that it is one of the few crystals out there that you don’t have to clean. It can take care of itself, most crystals need cleaning to function properly, not Selenite. But it has a weakness that most other crystals do not have, it can’t get wet. When you start to learn about Selenite, you realize that this is a very powerful yet curious crystal. It’s ability to create calm and tranquility is amazing but it’s real power is taking time to go within and realize oneness. It is a very spiritual stone and like many on the spiritual path, it is strong and seems independent but still has a weakness to it. Bond with Selenite and the conversations you have may help you understand your place in life more.

Pisces: White/Pink Calcite White with a bit of pink Calcite, is a bit of an interesting stone. It blends the two stones properties (white and pink) to give you an almost magical sense of achievement. This kind of Calcite is best for those who want to gain knowledge and use that knowledge. When you do this, you will find other will come to your aid and help you in whatever venture you put forth. It is a good time to be you, if you take the opportunities in front of you.

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