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Monthly Crystalscopes Pt 1: September

over 7 years ago
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Crystalscopes for September 2011

By John Atla http://psychic.bitwine.com/users/59116-atlara

Crstyalscopes are based on the unique properties of various crystals and the insight each crystal has for you.

Aries: Carnelian Carnelian is quite the work horse crystal. It is used in a lot of spells associated with money, creativity and vitality. But what it asks of you is to act without judgment. Too often we censor ourselves to fit in, which causes a self inflicted wound on the self. Carnelian can help you heal those wounds and help you find an outlet to get back to you being you again. Share yourself with Carnelian and let it reflect back to you who you are to be.

Taurus: Gold with Quartz Over this month, your intuition will be strong, your soul is talking to you, give thanks to this. Often when people experience this, it can be overwhelming and then when the talking ends, they just go blah and forget all about it. Gold with Quartz or ritualized quartz can help you stay grounded and be able to absorb it all so you can use what you learn from all your intuitive conversations this month. Enjoy the ride!

Gemini: Aquamarine We all have problems in life, what Aquamarine asks of you is to solve your problems with compassion, patience and understanding. The goal here is to help your level of maturity grow on the emotional side of things. Aquamarine helps you use your emotions as a sign of strength if you allow it.

Cancer: Moonstone Moonstone is considered the most feminine of stones, many women use it to ask for favors. Men can use it too. Moonstone is tied to the ebb and flow of the moon. After the full moon, expect a time of expansion in your life. But don’t ignore your emotions, moonstone is very much tied to emotions and the role emotions play in your life, so when the good times come, express your happiness, don’t keep it within.

Leo: Lapis Lazuli Lapis is often called a royal stone. It is a stone of leadership and power, for those who use it, are eternally protected. But most who do use it fail to really understand the power of Lapis. To do so, you need to get out of that little box you live in, to know that you are eternally protected and safe as long as Lapis is on your side. Dare to be yourself and you will experience a new level of life, but you have to get out of the box first.

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