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Water Cleaning Your Crystals

over 7 years ago
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John Atla - Psychic Empath (atlara)

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By John Atla http://psychic.bitwine.com/users/59116-atlara

When it comes to having crystals, regular cleaning is a must! Many crystals can easily pick up energies that you may not want, so it is a good idea to clean your crystals. Water is often the prescribed method of cleaning but not all water is created equal and not all waters should be used to clean your crystals.

When I first get a crystal, the very first thing I do is to look up the chemical makeup of the crystal, not all crystals like water. For example, if you put selenite into water, it will just dissolve into a salty mess as it is basically just salt. So always check to make sure your crystals are water friendly. Once you have determined they are water friendly, find a natural bowl to put your crystals into. A natural bowl can be glass, wood or a natural ceramic bowl. This is important because your crystals will be sitting in water for a few days and you don’t want any chemicals to leach from the bowl into the water.

Next is the type of water, this is where you will find all kinds of opinions. Most people agree that tap water is not the best solution because of the chlorine and other elements that are in tap water. A number of people recommend distilled water. If this is your only option, then use it but I don’t recommend it. Distilled water is devoid of minerals and if you have a mineral that you are soaking, the distilled water can destabilize the chemical structure of your mineral as the distilled water will try to rematerialize itself at the expense of your mineral. The same goes for reverse osmosis, although some units do remineralize the water. If you have one that does, then that is a great solution, but if your RO system doesn’t remineralize, don’t use it.

My preferred choice of water is clean living water. A natural spring water source is going to be the easiest to obtain, many stores carry spring water now. Or if you can find a stream with shrimp living in it, you know that the water is clean as shrimp do not live in polluted water. Living water is best because it is stable, whole and natural, just the perfect water environment for your crystals. A water bath is suppose to help energize your crystals and living water does that the best!

Next, depending on the crystal, you can add some salt to your water. Salt is a traditional purifier. Living water will have some natural salt in it but sometimes you need more. Natural sea salt or coarse salt that has not been treated, are your best options. Just add it in and stir, it is ok if it doesn’t dissolve totally, as long as some of it does. Then add your crystals in to the water and make sure they are totally covered. You will want to leave them in there for 3-7 days. If you have just acquired a crystal, 7 days is the recommended time to leave it in water, just to make sure you have cleared anything that might have come with the crystal.

Once you have finished the water bath for your crystal, rinse it off and let it rest a couple of days before you use it. This way you will have a crystal that is ready to jump in and give you its best when you need it!

over 7 years ago
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Madea-Michelle (madea_michelle)

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Thank you! Well done. This answered quite a few questions for me!

over 7 years ago

Till now there isn’t any bad effect on my crystal. Now I never use distilled water.