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When it comes to love, marriage, relationship and sex, people are finally getting tired of not getting their needs met and are ready to have something that works. Especially, with the holidays fast approaching, the break-ups have already begun. Do you fear a cold and lonely winter full of heartbreak and loneliness? Do you see the handwriting on the wall by Valentine’s Day 2012? Do you think it’s time for you to leave your current relationship but you just don’t know how? This article is for you.

Everybody is seeing that breaking up is hard to do literally. If a relationship break-up is done wrong, it can feel and it’s after-effects, literally, can be as severe and life-threatening as a heroin withdrawal with the exact same symptoms and after effects – jails, institutions and death – which is why I never recommend just leaving.

If you have fear that you could lose your union, then you probably will. The subconscious is at work and is sending you a message. Forget about hanging around until you understand what happened. Today’s world is filled with adult-children functioning as borderline mentally ill adults suffering from childhood abuse, abandonment and neglect.

Broken hearts are real illnesses. You can die from a broken heart. Depression is a real illness. Yes, you can actually unknowingly commit a slow suicide over separation from a lover. Oxytocin, the love hormone in women, is a real drug 100x more powerful than any man-made mood altering substance. If you don’t yet understand the power of this hormone in women and how it fits into relationships, just contact me on chat and I’ll break it down to you.

First, get an astrology reading. You don’t necessarily need your chart done but the more you invest in yourself, the more you get out of it. I do sun/moon sign readings at $20 per person on my super deal. An astrology reading comes in handy because it tells you who you really are. What this means is you are no longer at the mercy of the merchants of death on Madison Avenue in order to get your needs and wants met. This is the first step in putting yourself back together. It can also improve your health on every level. For example, you need to know if you were born say with depression, so you don’t take drugs needlessly and suffer from shame. Anger is not a problem, it is just an energy in motion, one of many emotions the good lord made and if managed properly will protect you. You need to know what you were born to do so you can be a good partner in providing for and raising a family.

The second thing you need to do is practice being alone. There is pain and hell in being lonely but ecstasy in consciously spending alone time on yourself. Sailing, Meditation, Pilates, swimming and martial arts classes are great disciplines for getting in tune with your subconscious nature. It’s your subconscious nature that holds all your personal power. Now you can make life choices that will actually enhance your existence.

Thirdly, you need to decide what you believe, and start living by your own belief system even if it’s a compilation of several systems and no one in particular. What are you willing to die for? Then start practicing that discipline with integrity. In some cases, this may take a year or longer and some therapy. Ultimately, practicing what you uniquely and truly believe will bring you natural peace of mind, calmness and strength of character. This is the level of attraction that will reach out to your soul mate and enable you to leave your partner or come to a mutual separation agreement in gratitude for the growth and progress you both afforded each other.

You can love everyone, but you should not form unions with everyone. Once you master these three things, your parting will happen as naturally as an apple falling from the tree. Obviously, these three things cannot be done in a few weeks, but they can be done simultaneously.

Take your time. It will happen. This will guarantee you start your next relationship on the right foot so that it will last.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to stay in a destructive relationship until you have completed numbers 2 and 3 but you have to complete numbers 2 and 3 to never again have to repeat the pain and loneliness.

Now this is where a reading comes in. For further information and clarity as it pertains uniquely to you, let’s chat. Fall is here. The New Year will be here before you know it. Be conscious of your Tao. Don’t be cold and lonely this winter. Let’s chat about it. I’m usually available or I will respond to an e-mail to schedule and appointment.

Peace and Blessings, Mention this article get half-off 20 minutes for $30. Angel of Lights