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This is periodic anecdote based on spiritual principles on loving and being loved.

Spiritual principles trump fear, lies, lust and neediness. This will help you get and/or keep the love your heart desires.

Explanation of Hexagram 49 – I Ching Readings

The 49th Hexagram talks about Revolutionary change. Revolutionary change in the spiritual world is like a moth changing into a butterfly or a snake shedding it’s skin. You can’t go back. It’s bigger and it’s better but it is a permanent change.

This change applies to you who have asked the question, ‘Will he ever commit?’; ‘When am I going to get married?’; ‘Does he love me?’, or ‘When is he going to change?’.

I chose this subject because the number one reason relationships fail is because they got started off on the wrong foot. In other words, were you ‘paying attention’ – the High Priestess Card or were ‘awake’ – meditating, you would have ‘seen’ certain things that enabled to put what you really wanted in the truth of your subconscious as your first priority.

How do you start all relationships on the right foot, be it at work or at home? The right way to start a relationship or anything is to secure it’s authenticity.

What is authentic? Authentic is for real. That is, he likes you – not the way you look; or only when you make him feel good. That is, he really likes your morals – feels they are a high standard and unique, which makes him feel special; can’t live without your values and respects your point of view at all times because it adds value to his life.

Who wants to walk on eggshells never knowing when or how you could piss your boss or your husband off and suffer the consequences for no reason? How do you prevent and control that? It is the 3x rule! The 3x rule is a secret or magic of the Oracle.

What is the Oracle I keep referring to? Oracles have existed since the beginning of time. As used in the Bible, they are a direct communication with God. The one I am using today is the I Ching. It takes 40 years to master. I’m 30 years into my practice with it. Tarot Card readings are direct communication with any spirit or ancestor, not necessarily a God.

The I Ching (Book of Changes), is one of the fundamental books of Confucianism. It is over 3000 years old (the symbols used in divination are over 5000 years old), making it both one of the oldest surviving books in the world, and one of the oldest forms of divination. It is by far the most popular spiritual resource and oracle in Asia, and has a growing following in Europe and the Americas based on its uncanny ability to provide detailed insights to those who study it carefully. It was used by Nobel Peace Prize Winner and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and is still used on Wall Street by Business Executives Today.

If we do not have the joy of the relationship we need now, we need to make a radical change in ourselves. How does this apply the rule for the 49th hexagram – Revolutionary Change — into relationships? The guidance for the 3x rule says all your relationship problems are rooted in danger that has its roots in the past and you have to deal with it before you can do anything else.

That means, just like weeding out your garden so it doesn’t choke out your crop, you have to listen carefully for abuse, abandonment or neglect so you can ‘weed’ out a bad relationship right off the top. You have to be educated on how these things manifest themselves in word, deed and speech and you can usually see it in the very first encounter.

How do you put the ancient of the I Ching wisdom into practice in modern day 2011 -2012? For example, if you are being called to action [a date, a text, to make a phone call, say yes to any proposal, answer the phone, have sex, the 2nd , 3rd, or 4th date]

a) wait to be asked 3 times before you give a definitive answer so you can ponder and observe his actions, b) discuss it 3 times with your partner in a calm manner before making all decisions, c) meditate on all moves in your relationship before any action is ever taken for 3 days, and/or d) let the phone ring 3x before picking it up, make the trip 3x, etc., etc., etc.

This is the way [tao in Buddhism – the way of the water flowing] your partners’ danger does not create a danger for you or ruin your reputation OR cause a permanent heartbreak and setback in your love life.

The 3x rule as detailed in the above paragraph is the key to success in your life. If you’re practicing it, you will never get caught up in a lifetime of misery.

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