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On and Off is an Off RELATIONSHIP

Here is what’s really going on: -it’s not true love. -they have some one or other intermittent relationships of different kinds – all not working – or most likely revolving door relationships and you’re the ‘regular’. -They’ve got anger issues which can morph into any variety of negative repercussion for both of you. -They’re afraid of commitment which later turns into anger because of the lack of love and support. -They need a spiritual healer to work with them on a subconscious level which I do. The sessions are not cheap but nevertheless it is the one thing guaranteed to work to exorcise the soul murder so they can release and come back into the natural world of love and have a life this incarnation. And it can be DONE in days not years. -They were abused as a child and have a multitude of adult child issues as a result.

And last but not least and most importantly:

They’re just not that in to you and are using you to supply their own selfish needs – -Either to be loved -Either to take and not to give -To be adored -To use some one.

There is always a component in the tarot card deck house of the ‘swords’ that fuels these types of situations on either one or both parties part. You need a reading to understand that component as it pertains to your own particular complicated circumstance.

In this situation, I see you need a reading to expose to you the hidden motives and secrets of your life on why you are involved in such a -heart breaking -gut wrenching -lonely -uncomfortable -unfulfilling -unsatisfying -unstable situation.

In fact you need several readings to get to the ‘heart’ of your particular complex situation and to find the hidden secrets and motives and going-ons of both your parts. Life is short. Just 80 years. Do you really have time for on and off heart-jerking relationships up to 10 to 20 years at a time?

I’m usually available and the compatibility special is a good way to start off your discussion with me. The regular per minute reading is the best option though and the $10 special will help you if you’ve already made a decision.

Be in touch!

Peace and Blessings, Angel of Lights