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$$ Manifesting Money $$

over 7 years ago
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So, you’ve been trying to manifest good things into your life. I say that or this post title would not have caught your eye and led you to read this blog post.

Either one of two things have happened. #1. It worked and you’re wanting to share some good news in the comments section. or #2. It’s not worked and your really kind of pi$$ed off at all the Guru’s out there that say it does.

Whilst I am no Guru I do have some words of advice. If you have been trying to meditate it into your life.. maybe the “thoughts” aren’t quite in the right place. Maybe you’ve tried casting a $ Spell…and that did not work too well either.

Before you begin any magickal working on money take a couple of weeks and get your mind-set in the right direction. Often times people try to cast spells or manifest money for a reason and in a time of desperation. When you are in that state of mind it is really difficult to be positive.

So with that in mind – start today. Today is a good day. The sun’s shining bright and while things might be a little “eh” here and there, you are far from desperate.

Maybe you are desperate and don’t know which direction to take.

It is okay…because..

I have everything good I hope for.

Money flows to me freely.

Prosperity showers down around me and fills my every room.

I accept abundance into my life.

Abundance is mine.

My family has everything we want.

I have new clothes to wear, always.

Abundance fills my life.

My kitchen is stocked full of everything I desire.

My bank account is always in good standing.

I enjoy the luxuries in my life.

I have the most amazing bedroom.

I receive amazing gifts every day.

I have so much gold all my wonderful friends call me “sunshine”

I have so many jewels my fabulous other half calls me “sparkles”

I have the most amazing car.

I shower my friends in lavish gifts.

I have the best luck when it comes to winning.

I go on the most amazing vacations.

I have the house of my dreams