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Email readings - start at $10!

4 months ago

Why waste time and money sitting in chat, the minutes ticking away, just waiting for the reader on the other side to finish typing something? Contact me and I’ll provide a complete reading for you through Bitwine email!

❤️ $10 – Full reading for 1 question.

❤️ $15 – Full reading for 2 questions.

❤️ $20 – Full reading for 3 questions.

Each reading also includes 1 follow up question after you receive the initial reading. Check out my profile for full details, then message me! I’m here to help you. :)

4 months ago

Even when I show as busy or not available don’t let that stop you from sending me a message. I will answer you back to schedule our time as soon as I’m online again!

4 months ago

I am online now. Send me a message and you will get a full, in depth, reading!

4 months ago

Email readings are so easy and don’t waste your time! Message me now and we’ll arrange a time. :D

3 months ago

Email readings are still available. This is the best way to get a complete reading at a low price. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time in chat. Pay for the reading and then go out, have some fun, and your reading will be waiting for you when you get back!