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Back with Free BodyTalk Consultations!

about 1 year ago

Free consultation to learn about your issues, be they physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or relationship related to see whether and how I can help you and be of service Distance/Remote BodyTalk System Sessions, cutting edge energy medicine to help you heal. Let me know your issues, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship related

In Bodytalk your body’s innate wisdom is contacted so that a truly effective and personalized healing can take place

I also do Psychic and Tarot Readings that support you in seeing the truth about the present and the possibilities of the future


For new clients only:

3 Distance BodyTalk Sessions for 200 euros instead of 300 euros Single sessions: 100 euros

If I am Offline Message me, tell me about your issues and I will get back to you

Some of the conditions in which BodyTalk has had excellent results are:


•Back Pain

•Sports Injuries

•Sports Performance

•Emotional Disorders

•Learning Disorders

•Digestive Disorders

•Endocrine Disorders

•Chronic Fatigue





•Allergies And many others Read some Testimonials on my profile!