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over 11 years ago
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Alon Cohen (alon)

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“you guessed it – i’m trying something new… i came across this today, BitWine. i have configured a advisor

eleventenconsulting) http://www.bitwine.com/users/16245_eleventenconsulting

I have my support area and people can request support (for about $1.25/minute).

an appointment is generated and the user (using skype) can place a call to me to discuss the issue or question. at a given point, charges are activated and the user sees the amount climb by the minute. at the end of the discussion the user will be asked to pay the charges and the funds are transferred into a paypal account.

it appears to be a great idea and tool aside from the fact there is no Mac version of the “toolbar” (suggestion for yet another Windows only program is to run Parallels). Not a bad solution, but requires one little thing… a intel mac (which i have yet to purchase).

BitWine is also suggesting that they will have alternate payment methods. i’m hoping for google checkout in the coming month… now that would be really nice and easy!”


AC: Don’t forget the Widget you can add on Blog Posts to promote yourself.


about 1 year ago
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Dr.Psychic aizan (psychicaizan)

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i really need alternate payment methods because paypal create so much problems