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Spiritual message for 03 01 2018

11 months ago

Arjuna is also called Partha – a name applicable to all, for, it means earthly or earth-born. His struggle is a reminder to all. Arjuna was overcome by Love, which was colored with egoism and delusion. He felt that it was wrong to kill his kinsmen by slaughtering the armies ranged against him. He preferred a life sustained on alms to ruling over an empire won by the sword. This misplaced compassion, based on an unreal sense of values, attracted the Lord’s attention, who resolved to transmute it into a renunciation of attachment to the deed and its fruits. If only you cultivate a deep yearning for guidance about your appropriate Dharma, and if you surrender your will, intellect, emotions and your impulses to God, He will lead you to Himself and endow you with Supreme Bliss. In your daily living, practice cleansing your emotions, reforming your attitude and journey towards the final consummation. This should become the constant vigil of every seeker.