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Spiritual message for 08 11 2017

10 months ago

You may have witnessed chariot festivals (Rathotsavam) in pilgrimage centers. Huge temple chariots are gorgeously decorated with flags and festoons, stalwart bands of men draw them along the roads to the music of blowpipes and conches, and dancing groups and chanters precede it, adding to the exhilaration of the occasion. Thousands crowd around the holy chariot. Their attention is naturally drawn towards the entertainment, but they feel happiest only when they fold their palms and bow before the Idol in the chariot. The rest is all subsidiary, even irrelevant. So too in the process of life, body is the chariot, and the Atma is the Idol installed therein. Earning and spending, laughing and weeping, hurting and healing, and the various acrobatics in daily living are but subsidiary to the adoration of God and the union with God.