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Spiritual message for 16 09 2017

10 months ago

Milk has butter in every drop; it makes it very nourishing. If you must see it as a separate concrete entity, you must boil the milk, cool it, add sour curd, wait for hours for it to curdle, then churn it, and roll the butter that floats into a ball. God is in every being, in fact in every atom of the Universe; it is because they exist, we can recognise and enjoy Him. To see God and experience Him, work in the spirit of love; this will lead you on to worship. Work without any regard to the proportion of benefit you derive from it, work since it is your duty, work since you love to work, work earnestly, strictly and sincerely since that is the way you can offer gratitude to God for the skills He has endowed upon you. Then you will certainly experience His Grace and Glory.