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Spiritual message for 14 09 2017

about 1 year ago

The Nature around us and with us is the vesture of God, presenting ample evidences of His beauty, goodness, wisdom and power, wherever we look. But the art of recognising Him is strange to us and so we deny Him and live in darkness. We have all around us in the atmosphere the music emanating from various broadcasting stations, but they do not assail your ear at any time. You are not aware of any station. But if you have a receiver, and if you tune it to the correct wavelength, you can hear the broadcast from any particular station; if you fail to tune it correctly, you will get only nuisance instead of news! Similarly the Lord is everywhere – above, around, below and beside you. For recognising Him, you require not a yantra (machine) but a mantra (mystical potent formula). Dhyana (meditation) is tuning to the exact location of the station, love is the tuning fork. Tune in, realise the Divine and enjoy the bliss He confers!