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Spiritual message for 12 09 2017

10 months ago

Several malpractices have entered the field of education. Money is paid to gain admission into schools and colleges, and to acquire marks and degrees. The teacher does not transmit taste, style, attitude or outlook; it is all a matter of books and more books. The student is left to gather these from outside the educational institutions. More value is attached to information and its collection; no attempt is made to gain personal transformation and to correct one’s habits and characteristics! How did the great artists who drew the frescoes of Ajanta and carved the temples of Ellora learn their trade? Did they attend any school? They learnt from teachers, the master craftsmen who were inspired artists. Books cannot give guidance and inspiration for real good work. Worldly aspects must be harmonised with spiritual aspects to lead a full life. Only then can an individual have self-confidence and avoid the imitative path