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Spiritual message for 10 09 2017

about 1 year ago

All who aspire to be devotees must eschew attachment and aversion. Do not be proud if you are able to sing better or if your worship room is better decorated. There must be a steady improvement in your habits and attitudes; otherwise, spiritual discipline is a vain pastime. Your homes must be immersed in the highest peace, undisturbed by any streak of hatred or malice, pride, or envy. The moment you decide that the orchard in your mind is His, all fruits will be sweet; your seeking for refuge and protection (Saranagathi) will render all fruits acceptable to the Lord, so they cannot be bitter. And, for water, what can be purer and more precious than your tears — shed not in grief, but in rapture at the chance to serve the Lord and to walk along the path that leads to Him! No worship or penance can equal the efficacy of obedience – obedience to the command given for your liberation!