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Spiritual message for 08 09 2017

10 months ago

Rise everyday as if you are rising from death. Recite the prayer, “Thus am I born. Make me speak soft, sweet words, and make me behave coolly and comfortingly towards all; let me do deeds that shower happiness on all and form ideas in my mind which are beneficial to all. May this day be worthwhile by service to Thee”. Pray in this manner sitting on your bed, before you start the day’s schedule. Remember this pledge throughout the day. When you retire at night, sit up and examine quickly all the experiences of the day; see whether you have caused pain or displeasure to anyone by any word or deed. Then pray, “I am now ‘dying’ and falling into Your lap. Pardon me for any lapse; take me under Your loving shelter.” After all, sleep is a short death and death a long sleep!