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Spiritual message for 07 09 2017

about 1 year ago

Your mind will waver from right to wrong, from pain to joy, only when you urge it on and encourage it. Desist from winding the mind; it will cease its antics. Do not count your tears of pain or pour out your grief. Let them pass through your mind, as birds fly through the sky, leaving no trail behind; or as flames and floods appear on the screen in a movie theatre, without dampening the screen. Never lose heart when you are disappointed. Perhaps your wish itself was wrong, or its realisation may have landed you in worse situations. Anyway, it is the will of the Lord and He knows best. Disappointments and distress are like the skin of the plantain; they are meant to protect the taste and allow the sweetness to fill the fruit. In such dire straits, let your mind dwell on the splendour of the Divine Self (Atma) and its majesty; that will keep you alert and brave.