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Set Yourself Free (Forgiveness)

about 1 year ago

Forgiveness is such a huge part of life. Just for an example, I lost a friend in 2014, who was shot for no reason. And this is heart breaking.

I lost another in 2001, who remains missing. The world can be a very cruel place. And they’re my true motivation to do what I do.

While these are harsh circumstances, I could have allowed anger to take over. I didn’t because it doesn’t serve humanity, if I’m another individual walking around in emotional wounds. Tragedies come and go. Love is far stronger than any darkness in this world.

Grief is tremendous whenever anyone loses a home, finances, pet, friend, relative, or romantic partner.

For many years I worked in various health fields, so I’m very aware of the tragic events that happen to individuals.

Forgiveness is never really about the other person. From my perspective, forgiveness is more about liberating myself, not being imprisoned by the actions of others. What most of us suffer from is complete grief. The world rarely gives us time to grieve in a healthy way. Snapping out of it rarely works in my experience.

Grief is deep emotion and it also depends on how emotionally attached to another individual, materialism, pet, or finances. The grief is never quite simple, in any circumstance.

Forgiveness is necessary to lay to rest all the injury, the emotional wounds we’ve acquired in life. We’re all fallible, human, make mistakes, and learn through trial and error. People have experienced a lot of trauma in different ways, and it sometimes feels like an inner and outer battle.

Love is the higher path, and sometimes I haven’t always felt like forgiving. At times in the middle of the storms, I’ve often reminded myself to forgive. Rarely do people understand they’re causing harm, at times they have the best intentions and motivations. What they don’t understand is based on their core personality, their experience, their own emotional wounds, and sure we can go around with the attitude justice needs to be served. And usually it is, but just not the way we may see fit.

No one escapes life without justice being served. And it does us no justice by harboring ill will and ill intention towards another individual. It keeps you trapped in the emotional pain. The longer you dwell on the past inflictions, the longer it takes you to heal. The simple solution is to take your focus off all the injury. Somehow you must find a way to bring resolution, closure, and make peace with your past. This works different for everyone.

Forgiveness is letting go of all the negative emotional patterns, the negative thoughts, and negative feelings. If you hold on to them, it becomes a burden, heavy, and it’s like not taking the garbage to the curb. There’s no reason to carry around the garbage of the world on your back. It never belonged to you in the first place.

Where your focus goes, your attention goes. If you focus on the negative characters in life, you give your personal power away. Is there a reason they deserve your attention? What is their motivation? Isn’t it truly about others getting in the way of you succeeding in life, in love, romance, and finances? Let them be and move forward anyway. Half the battle is moving past the negative critics, naysayers, and celebrating your life. Do everything they’re not doing in life.

Forgiveness sets your heart free. Hatred and Love can’t co-exist at the same time. You’re either focused on hatred or love. We can only focus on one thing at a time. What are you focused on? Life or death? Happiness or Sadness? Do you focus on all the negatives in the world or the positives. Forgiveness says, I’m done with the past hurt. I know the future will present more uplifting experiences in life and every relationship I encounter is not negative. Everyone is not the enemy. Everyone isn’t out to hurt you. Everyone out there isn’t out there to scam you. Every woman or man won’t betray you. Until you heal your heart, you can’t move on and set yourself free.