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Mental Toughness

about 1 year ago

Life is very similar to a hockey game. There are times when all of us get slammed against the wall, cross checked, and maneuver through obstacles.

If you ever watched a hockey game, you know the hockey player focuses on the goal instead of the obstacle in life. The audience can be a distraction with their positive or negative comments. The opponent can be fierce, strong, an try to block you from reaching your goal. It really doesn’t matter how huge the giant may be, it is how much you know, what tools you have to survive, and whether you know how to move through obstacles.

Life is all about regulating your emotions, thoughts, feelings, and staying focused on the goal. One of the greatest things about being a mental toughness coach is teaching others to stay in the game of life. Adversity is a huge part of life, and the experiences of hardship teach you what you’re made of in life.

It’s a competitive world we live in and no one looks out for you, but yourself. There are times when we can be loving, nurturing, giving, but other times you have to be mentally and emotionally focused. It’s all about learning to never quit during half time, but going the distance, the extra mile, and not allowing naysayers, negative critics, and obstacles get in your way.

Athletes train every day, sometimes 8 to 10 hours, they hone their skills and they take necessary steps to stay focused. Such as Visualization techniques, meditation, breathing excercise, warm ups, mental rehearsing, and preparing themselves. Teachers and professors do this as well.

What do you do?

Often in life we don’t do the preparation, we don’t train our thoughts, emotions, and feelings every day, and then something happen and pulls us into low arousal, depression, and anxiety.

Words are one way people try to cause chaos and confusion. Life is based on strategy and while no one likes to play games, other people intentionally play games. The only way you build your mind up and resiliency is exposure therapy. Getting past the fears. Not allowing someone to get you emotionally ungrounded, and rattling your cage.

For example: The last seven years I’ve exposed myself to different populations, debates, different philosophies, beliefs, and theories in different communities. The more you interact with individuals the more they prepare you to be resilient, tough skinned, and you recognize what emotions get triggered. When somone triggers you, they’re bringing up the surface what needs to be healed in yourself. And through self-talk you learn to make a choice of whether to allow others to bring your emotions down or lift them up.

Words are words. Neutralize them. And take the polarity out of the words. If you’ve ever watched a debate on television, words are shot out like arrows at the opponent, they go for the emotions, and it depends on how resilient they are, whether they can bounce back quickly, stay grounded, and stay in control.

In life you will be hit multiple times, other people have their motivations, agenda, and you can either allow them to get in your way or keep going. This all depends on how much you want to thrive in life, stay balanced, and succeed.

With 7.5 Million people on the planet, one person, is a small amount of attention. Why react out of emotion, when you can respond in an intelligent manner. It’s not about winning. It’s not about win-lose. It’s about a win-win situation for humanity where everyone wins. It’s not about me. It’s about the whole group. When the whole group works as a team, one unit, on heart beat, than life flows in a positive way.

While society makes life a game, it’s difficult as a professional, because my job isn’t to teach violence, do harm, and harm others. It is to teach them unconditional love, forgiveness, and non-violence. Non-violence is exactly how Gandhi stopped the Brittish. While I may be a holistic healer, I also know the rest of the world still operates by other rules and some times I have to play defense or offense like any other individual.

There’s no reason to melt in the lower vibration of hatred, anger, resentment, bitterness, rage. Love is all there is. Stay in control of the situation. Stay in control of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

about 1 year ago

I love this post and you’re absolutely right. Sometimes it’s just so hard to stay balanced. I’m an empath and I attract low vibrational people more often than not. But as of lately thanks to an awesome advisor on here. I am learning one of the biggest lessons and heightening my self awareness.

about 1 year ago

Thank you Deanna, glad someone is helping you learn to balance and stay grounded. After awhile you will be good at it and recognize things instantly and know what to do. Keep growing an blossoming. :)