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The feminine & masculine journey

11 months ago

One of the greatest things about Astrology, is it reflects the unique blueprint of the hero’s or heroine’s journey. What most people want to believe is they can find an easy relationship where they don’t have to do any inner work, change their actions, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. This type of relationship doesn’t exist period for anyone.

While we would love to live in a utopian world, idealistic, and looking for perfection, it tends to disappoint us when we want to live in such an easy world with no problems.

Life is all about evolution, growth, inner transformation. Most of us are resistant to change, resistant to other individuals who want to help us, because we want to hang on to false beliefs, false ideals, and fictional dreamy characters we’ve created in our mind.

So when it comes to love, we may paint this beautiful, romantic, loving portrait of our object of affection, make an emotional attachment, and magnify the dreamy illusion we’ve created. We’re great at using our imagination, coloring in the details, and when the other individual doesn’t react, give us attention, do what we want them to do, act the way we want them to, we tend to create them into a monster for not conforming, transforming into the ideal partner we’ve created. (Neptune)

The other person is reflecting the lessons one needs to learn in relationships. Are you submissive and docile when it comes to money matters, relationships, and survival? Are you silent all the time and not speak up? Are you overbearing? Are you a perfectionist? (Mars/Pluto)

This is basically what astrology is about. It points out the weaknesses and strengths in yourself and other individuals you interact with. What are their basic needs, wants, desires? Can you meet those needs? Are they meeting yours? Many individuals get stuck on the chemistry. Sexual attraction vs. Soul to Soul relationships.

Why aren’t those relationships, working out for you? All of us have emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and sexual wounds to work out in ourselves. It’s easy to believe your personal actions don’t have a cause and effect on the relationship, and blame someone else. I think it’s surprising for many to accept they may have to do a lot inner work on themselves before they have a successful life in many different areas.

No one wants to accept they must own their emotions, their feelings, their thoughts, and discipline themselves. Part of the journey is learning to take your personal power back, standing in your authentic truth, accepting others for who they are instead of trying to change them, control them, and shape them in who you believe they are.

There are many times they’re not intentionally harming you, but you may perceive it as they’re doing something on purpose, because their core personality is teaching you a lesson about yourself. They’re playing the part and reflecting back to you what you need to make peace within yourself, past family relationships, and romantic partners.

When you’re in a hurry to get married, hurry for something to happen, tired of waiting, you become impatient. Yet by natural laws, you can’t hurry relationships, because they’re kind of like a garden.

Right from the start you’re constantly planting seeds, you’re either being a storm which ruins the crops, or sunshine that nurtures the crop. You can pour poison on the garden with negative words, negative emotions, negative feelings, negative actions, or you can fertilize it with love, and positive interaction. The other person will do the same.

When it comes to time….Well this is dependent on how long it takes both of you to clear out your karma, do the inner work, and grow and mature. Time depends on how long it takes you both to take personal responsibility in what you create and co-create in a relationship. There are multi-variables, and relationships are all about growth and development alone and together. It doesn’t happen over night.

While your focus may be on the other individual, it’s imperative you take your eyes off them, and start focusing on your inner world. What’s going on with your self-limiting beliefs, fears, emotions, false-beliefs vs. true-beliefs. What about communication styles through verbal, facial, and body language. What kind of message do you display to others on the external world? Does it match what you have in your mind?