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Aries & Scorpio (Dominance vs. Submission)

about 1 year ago

When there is an imbalance in the relationship, this usually means there is a power struggle with dominance and submission. There are times when the ego (False Self) wants to dominate the other individual, prove them wrong, prove they’re right, and this becomes a way of sabotaging the relationship, closing down another individual, and pushing them away through their negative words and negative emotions.

Aries & Scorpio for instance, are the military/spiritual warriors. By nature, they’re competitive. They’re both ruled by Mars and can get into a mars/Pluto struggle for dominance, control, and power. They really have to use their energy in a constructive manner, or else they can be very destructive in relationships.

They can get in domestic disputes, bad arguments, and become very violent, if they have no spiritual/religious outlet to teach them to be self-disciplined in the mind, thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

It’s easy for them to blame other individuals for the outcome of their relationship, but usually create it out of the desire to be in control and dominate other individuals.

They both can cross personal boundaries emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, and sexually and do a lot of emotional wounding in relationships when they are in their ego (false self) and not in the higher consciousness of (authentic self) soul.

When either one of them demands, intimidates, threatens, and instills fear, it is to manipulate emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

The Aries is more Extroverted and wants action, where the Scorpio is more Introverted and Strategic. The Scorpio can sit back and observe and wait for things to happen.

Both the Aries & Scorpio in lower-conscious can be complex, and cause drama for the sake of causing drama.

Both have to learn the other is not the enemy, surrender all control, allow other individuals to share the stage, and understand love is not a war. Love is not combat on the field, like an actual war. Love is not a fight. And until they understand this, they will keep creating negative experiences until they learn to choose unconditional love. The only war is in their thoughts, perception, and what they project onto the world in front of them.

A lot of this has to do with accepting other individuals are different, they’re not going to think, emote, and act like another individual.

Half the battle is understanding you may want an Aries to change into a Scorpio, or Scorpio change into an Aries, but they’re not ever going to change their core personality.

The astrology natal chart consists of a unique blueprint of an individual. It’s like being a snow flake, cut with precision, the personality and psychological make-up of one person.

They’re an original. It’s important to grow and mature and understand someone’s not going to 100% completely change to fit your core personality.

It makes no sense to push them into emotional and mental pain because they can’t fit your definition of a fictional character you’ve created in your thoughts.

See them for who they truly are instead of trying to write their script and expecting them to play the part.