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Virgo & Gemini Communication Styles

about 1 year ago

Libra is the psychology of listening. It’s the number one issue in every relationship. All of us learn through communication. Virgo and Gemini are the throat chakra.

When one is fear based, they are afraid to communicate their authentic truth. Communication is being able to communicate clearly, effectively.

The first thing individuals may do is use fear to silence you. If you’re in fear, you will step back and not communicate your authentic truth.

Virgo tends to be a perfectionist. Virgo and Gemini are air signs and Virgo can be where one becomes self-critical or give negative criticism. Virgo is about the 6th house of Health.

One of the things one must understand is their is always imperfection in communication. Communication is via the internet, chat, emails, social media, blogs, vlogs, cam, podcasts. Communications can be disconnected very easily through technical errors.

When speaking with another individual often we can be very critical, impatient, and misunderstand other individuals because it depends on what vocabulary words are used, knowledge, insight, and educational level.

One can be a perfectionist with grammar. Virgo can be great at editing details.

Gemini is carrying two different perspectives of a situation. It is having the ability to step in another persons shoes and seeing from their perspective.

Gemini is constantly on the go traveling in their mind and in the physical. They are constantly seeking out a wealth of information and seeking out knowledge, wisdom, and insight.

Virgo and Gemini come together to perfect emotional, mental, spiritual, physical health, and communicate the message in a positive or negative way to help others grow, mature, and become a healthy individual.

With the Virgo Sun and Virgo Mercury transiting, perhaps it’s a good time to contemplate on how we communicate with other individuals.

Is it in a positive or negative tone?

Are we being uplifting? Are we being a downer?

Are we truly listening?

Are we seeking perfection in other individuals?

Are we being patient in our communications?

Are we being empathetic and placing ourselves in another persons shoes?

Virgo is also the Virgin. Virgo is affiliated with the feminine energy. Virgo is about purification and purifying the spoken word.

One of the greatest lessons in life is learning to decipher when to speak and when not to speak.

Are you assuming and concluding? Often the illusion is in how we perceive actual events. It’s an interesting thing, because we can approach other individuals from a negative or positive perspective.

What are we projecting on to the situation? Has someone offended us in the past? Are we seeking to wound others because someone has wounded us?

Are we seeking revenge and want justice?

Are we jealous and feel others shouldn’t be successful?

Are we looking to do harm vs. being harmless?

Virgo can be like a surgeon and cut away the negative thoughts, negative emotions, and negative feelings.

There has to be balance within one’s self, and also find better ways to speak and express our desires, needs, and feelings clearly without taking things personally and being objective.

Gemini gives us the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to evaluate the situation, adapt and adjust to the situation.

What works and doesn’t work in our communications? How can we improve it and serve better in Virgo.