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Spiritual message for 25 08 2017

about 1 year ago

‘Vinayaka’ means the One who is the Master of Himself. The mouse is the vehicle of Vinayaka. What is the inner significance of the little mouse? The mouse symbolises your attachment to worldly tendencies (vasanas). The mouse moves quickly and can see well in the dark. As Vinayaka’s vehicle, the mouse leads you from darkness to light. The Vinayaka principle thus means that which removes all the bad qualities, bad practices and bad thoughts in every person and inculcates good qualities, good conduct and good thoughts. Another name for Vinayaka is ‘Vighneshwara’. Easwara is one who is endowed with every conceivable form of wealth – riches, knowledge, health, bliss, beauty, etc. Vighneswara nourishes all these forms of wealth and removes all obstacles to your righteous enjoyment. He confers all these forms of wealth on those who worship Him. Hence, Vinayaka is described as the first deity who should be worshipped (Prathama Vandana). Understand the inner meaning, and worship Him.