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Spiritual message for 17 08 2017

about 1 year ago

A thirsty passenger asked the water-carrier at an up-country railway station whether his leather bag was clean. The reply he got was, “As regards cleanliness, all I can say is that the bag which pours is cleaner than the bag which takes in (the body of the thirsty man).” You must care more for the cleanliness of your own mind and intellect. Instead of criticising others and finding faults with the actions of others, subject yourself to vigilant scrutiny, understand yourself well, and correct your own faults; do not be like the dancer who blamed the drummer for her wrong steps. This objective world is as ageless as God; we cannot determine when it came into being but we can determine when it will end, at least for each of us. When you look into the well, your reflection is always there; so far as you are concerned, your reflection can be removed from the well the moment you decide you will no more seek the well, or pay attention to it.