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Spiritual message for 16 08 2017

about 1 year ago

The Gopis knew the secret of spiritual surrender. Their worship was not tainted by any bargaining spirit. For those who bargain and crave for profit, for whom reverence is equated with returns, ‘sell’ homage for a unit satisfactory response. They are like paid servants, bargaining salary, overtime, bonus, etc. They calculate how much they are able to extract for the service rendered. On the other hand, be like a member of the family, a kinsman, a friend. Feel that you are Lord’s very own. Then work will not tire you, it will be done much better, and in fact will yield more satisfaction. And what about the wages? The master will maintain you in bliss. What more can you aspire for? Leave the rest to Him. He knows best; He is all. The joy of having Him is enough reward. Live your lives on these lines and you will never suffer grief. “Na me bhaktah pranashyati – My devotees never suffer,” says Krishna.