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Spiritual message for 12 08 2017

about 1 year ago

Life is a tree of delusion, with all its branches, leaves and flowers of maya. You can realise it as such when you do all acts as dedicated offerings to please God. Without knowing this secret of transmuting your every act into sacred worship, you suffer from disappointment and grief. See Him as the sap through every cell as the Sun warms and builds its every part. See Him in all, worship Him through all, for He is all! Engage in any righteous activity, and fill it with devotion: remember it is only devotion that sanctifies the activity! A piece of paper is almost trash but if a certificate is written on it, you value it and treasure it; it becomes a passport for promotion in life. It is the bhava (feeling behind) that matters, not the bahya (outward pomp); it is the feeling that is important, not the activity.