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Spiritual message for 11 08 2017

about 1 year ago

If you keep awake throughout the twelve hours on Shivarathri due to illness, that vigil will not win His favour. If you quarrel with your spouse and desist from food for one full day, it will not be recorded in the book of God as a fast. If you lose yourself in the depths of unconsciousness after a bout of drinking, you will not be counted as a person who has achieved Samadhi (spiritual trance). No bhokta (enjoyer) can be a bhakta (devotee); that is to say, one who has an eye on the profit that can be derived from service to God cannot be a true devotee. Such people praise the Lord to the skies one day and decry Him the next when their fortune gets dry. Treasure in your hearts the Amrita Vakyas (immortality granting message) that you have heard in spiritual discourses; ponder over them in the silence of your meditation and endeavour to realise the precious goal of this invaluable human birth.