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Spiritual message for 10 08 2017

about 1 year ago

If you go on a pilgrimage like a picnic, without the mental preparation necessary to receive God’s Grace, your travel is only for sight-seeing, not to strengthen your spiritual inclinations! Your journey is like that of a postal article, collecting impressions on the outer wrapper, not on the core of your inner being. A visually impaired person does not worry about day and night. So too, you cannot differentiate one place from another, if you do not allow the holiness to act on your mind. As a result of pilgrimages, your habits must change for the better; your outlook must widen; your inward look must become deeper and steadier. You must realise the omnipresence of God and the oneness of humanity. You must learn tolerance and patience, charity and service. After your pilgrimage, in your homes, ruminate over all the splendid experiences and be determined to strive for the higher and richer experience of God-realisation.