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Spiritual message for 09 08 2017

about 1 year ago

The conclusion of a Saptah (seven days long discourse) is called Samapti. But the term Samapti has a profound meaning for it too. It means, the attainment (Aapti) of Samam (Brahman or Divinity). That is the final fruit of listening, recapitulation and absorption (sravana, manana and nididhyasana) of spiritual lessons and discourses. In the worldly sense, it means the conclusion of a series of sessions; in the spiritual sense, it means transcending time! What is the sum and substance of all spiritual endeavour? It is that you must give up your pursuit of sensory objects in your seeking for lasting peace and joy. Material wealth brings along with it not only joy but grief as well. Accumulation of riches and multiplication of wants lead only to alternation between joy and grief. Attachment is the root of both joy and grief; detachment is the Saviour.