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Spiritual message for 08 08 2017

about 1 year ago

Dhana (Money) is the currency of the world; Sadhana (spiritual practices) is the currency of the spirit. When self-styled devotees come to you with their lists and books seeking donations, do not offer them any money. Why do you need a hall to meditate or repeat the Lord’s Name (dhyana or namasmarana)? The presence of others with unlike intentions will more often be a hindrance rather than help; instead make your home a temple, meditate in your own shrine room. Sing bhajans lovingly in your own home! Above all, be an example to others through your conduct – practice soft loving and truthful speech, be humble, and show reverence to elders. Live with faith, steadfastness and truthfulness. That way you will bring more people into the fold of theism than by establishing societies, collecting donations and running temples. Remember, the Lord really cares for sincerity, simplicity and steady joy in the contemplation of His name and form; nothing else!