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Spiritual message for 01 08 2017

about 1 year ago

Find out the difficulties and troubles burdening others and help them to the extent you can to tide over them; and also to lead their lives such that they may not recur. Learn to live with others sharing your joys and sorrows; be forbearing, not overbearing. When you live together in amity, the village will be happy and safe; and when the villages are well-knit and strong, the nation too will be strong and impregnable. Jealousy, anger, hatred and greed will disintegrate a nation and make it fall into disorder and distress. Drive away the divisive forces that keep one away from another, and prevent hearty cooperation and mutual help. Inculcate discipline in the field of Sadhana also and insist on people performing their duty to themselves and to their destiny. Devotion is like the head, duty is the trunk and discipline is the feet. Let devotion be linked with duty and led by discipline; then, success is certain.