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Spiritual message for 29 07 2017

about 1 year ago

Nurture the will to give, the will to renounce the little for the big and the momentary for the sake of the momentous! The Sevadal badge you wear is not a decoration item which can be secured without a price. It is a symbol of high character, generous feelings and steady and sincere endeavour. It is the external indicator of internal enthusiasm and strength, skill and faith. As iron is drawn by the magnet, and when you allow these qualities to shine through you, it will draw the dejected, the downcast and the distressed towards you. If you are proud and self-centred, blind to the kinship that binds all in fraternal love, the badge is a betrayal. Mere sentiment and empathy are of no use; they must be regulated by intelligence and skill. It is not the quantity of service you do that matters; nor is the variety. It is the inner joy, the love that you radiate that is important.