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Spiritual message for 28 07 2017

12 months ago

Eating must be succeeded by elimination; inhalation has to be followed by exhalation; blood must flow in and flow through, to circulate and maintain health. Taking in and giving up are the obverse and reverse of the same process. This is true of individuals, societies, nations and the human race. Progress and peace depends on sacrifice, renunciation and service. Be alert to the call to serve, everywhere, at all times; be ready with a smile, a kind word, a useful suggestion, diligent care, and pleasant reply. Look around for chances to relive, rescue or resuscitate. Train yourselves that you may render help efficiently and well. Seva plants a seed on stone and is delighted to see it sprout! Plant it with love, and the seed will discover love inside the stone and draw sustenance therefrom. Seva is the most rewarding form of austerity, the most satisfying and the most pleasurable. It springs out of love and scatters love in profusion.