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Spiritual message for 25 07 2017

about 1 year ago

Let your duties (karma) be suffused with devotion (bhakti), that is to say, with humility, love, compassion, and nonviolence. Without wisdom, devotion will be as light as a balloon that drifts along any gust of wind. Mere wisdom will make the heart dry; devotion softens it with empathy, and karma gives your hands useful work, so your every minute is sanctified. Hence devotion is referred to as upasana — dwelling near, feeling the presence, sharing the sweetness of the Divine. The yearning for this Upasana prompts you to do pilgrimages, construct and renovate temples, etc. The various rituals with which the Lord is worshipped with is for the satisfaction of the mind which craves for personal contact with the Supreme. These are karmas of high order that lead to spiritual wisdom. First start with the idea, “I am in the Light” then you experience, “The light is in me”, leading to the conviction, “I am the Light!” That is supreme wisdom!