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Spiritual message for 22 07 2017

about 1 year ago

Embodiments of the Divine Self! The situation in the world today is dreadful and frightening. Wherever you turn, fear confronts you. Whether you remain at home or go out into the street, whether you travel by train or walk on the road, fear haunts you. The world is enveloped in fear. If you want to banish this fear, you must develop firm faith in God as the sole refuge. Then you will be freed from fear. Carry on your work shedding all fear and without any worry about the future. Plunge into service activities with courage and determination. If you act with this unshakeable faith, you will be able to serve your family, the nation and the Universe well. It is not your intellectual ability that will serve to protect the country. If you adhere to Truth and Righteousness, they will protect you, your family and the country. Live up to the truth of your being. Always act righteously!