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Spiritual message for 20 07 2017

about 1 year ago

The agglomeration of body, mind and senses is preventing you from recognising your inherent Divinity. You are the cause of your bondage through the body and the mind. When you understand the nature of the body-mind complex, you will realise your true essence. It is enough if you develop the conviction that you and the Divine are one. Cultivate steadfast faith in this Divine oneness through love. That love will lead you to Self-realisation. Wherever you are and whatever you do, regard yourselves as instruments of God and act on that basis. You need not wait for a whole year for Gurupoornima. Treat every moment of your life as a dedication to the Lord. This is the best way to experience Divinity at all times and places. This is true Sakshatkara (realisation). Firmly believe that God is in everyone and always act accordingly. Such sacred attitude will grow through continuous practice.