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Spiritual message for 15 07 2017

about 1 year ago

What can the possession of canvas and paint do, if an artist with vision is not inspired to paint? What can the chisel and a lump of marble do if no image is formed in the heart of a devoted sculptor? That vision and that image are the sparks of the Divine. You are all ‘the Divine’ packed in human skin and bone; you are the Atma encased in the evanescent flesh. Know this and you become fearless, happy without limit. Get rid of the ego-enclosure in which you now feel you are entrapped; then you are liberated from the non-existent ‘prison’ which now enfolds you as hard as an existent one! How must one live so as to not demean one’s human status? One has to be conscious all the time that this body and its equipment are a temporary abode; that one is the eternal Divine, the Atma is apparently encaged in the physical, as the moon in a pot of water. This knowledge of the spirit is the higher wisdom.