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Spiritual message for 13 07 2017

about 1 year ago

Now you will all be served prasadam (eatables as offerings in a temple) at the conclusion of the bhajans. Prasadam also means grace, which flows from God when He is propitiated. When prasadam is offered, you have to do only one little act, so that you may receive it – you have to extend your hand and accept it! But My grace is ever with you; it is not something that is given or taken; also it is always accepted by the consciousness that is aware of its significance. You must win the grace of your own subconscious so that it may accept the grace of God which is ever available. You can win it by teaching it the value of the My grace. My grace is showered wherever you are through My infinite Love, without even calculating or measuring the readiness of your subconscious to receive it and benefit by it. When you accept My grace it will itself confer on you the faith and the strength, the wisdom and the joy.