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Spiritual message for 26 06 2017

about 1 year ago

We eat food today just as we have been doing all these years. We are looking at the same faces today that we have been seeing all these days. Are we asking ourselves, why do we see the same face again and again? We feed the same stomach which we had fed with food yesterday and the day before. Do we ever question why do we have to feed the same stomach again today? We easily understand and accept these normal tasks, but why do we think and question our traditions and customs and even the act of praying to God every day? Our sacred scriptures and divine stories from the past are to guide and save us. Times may change, the world may change, new epochs may come, but Divinity is one and the same, and is unchanging. Most of you seek things that are ever-changing. Why don’t you seek things that are permanent and unchanging?