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Spiritual message for 22 06 2017

about 1 year ago

Think for a while, what benefit will you gain by listening to gossip and talking unnecessarily about unsacred things? Nothing! In fact, you will be polluting your heart in the process. All that you see and hear gets imprinted on your heart. Once your heart is polluted, your life will become meaningless. The other day, while speaking to the devotees from Visakhapatnam, I quoted this example: “Human heart is like a pen. The colour of the words that you write will be the same as the colour of the ink in the pen.” Hence, teach your ears to listen to the stories of the Lord instead of listening to vain gossip. Only when you fill your heart with selfless love, all that you think, say and do will be suffused with love. Remember, God expects you to fill your heart with love and lead a sacred life.