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lovely star sign

about 1 year ago

The moon is in Pisces now and making lovely aspects to Venus and Mars. There is some yummy empathy, caring and comfort energy to be experienced and maybe shared with an old or new love, ...or maybe just fall in love with life again, and allowing yourself to give and receive compassion, love and nurturance.

As we give thanks for the incredible beauty and acts of kindness that we can offer and receive, we could lose ourselves in the dreaminess as the moon gets closer to Neptune the ruler of Pisces,and we may want to give ourselves a little more time and space later today if we are feeling overwhelmed with compassion, or confusion, or just need to honor our need to be in a more gentle reality.

Give yourself this gift in a healthy way tonight, as it is a natural part or the human experience. Tomorrow we will need our feet on the ground and our wits about us as we come back to the possibility of unseen challenges in taking care of business.

Great time to gift yourself with a reading from an Evolutionary Astrologer and guide who’s purpose is to help you see who you really are and inspire you to the right direction for your highest good!