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Spiritual message for 19 06 2017

about 1 year ago

Today man has taken to many paths to acquire wisdom. All the knowledge that one has acquired is not true knowledge in the strict sense of the term. Knowledge of the spirit, Atmic knowledge, is the true knowledge. That is Brahma Jnana (Knowledge of the Divine). Work, worship, and wisdom – all begin with service. No matter what service it is, if it is done with love and divine feelings, it becomes worship (upasana). What is wisdom? All actions related to our senses, the fleeting objects of the material world,speak of our ignorance. Wisdom dawns the moment the mind is withdrawn. The thoughtless state between two consecutive thoughts is Brahma Jnana. You are not able to experience this thoughtless state of Brahman and are carried away by fleeting, ephemeral, and momentary things. True wisdom dawns when all thoughts are decimated. Bhagawan’s philosophy requires you to practice unity in work, worship, and wisdom.