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Spiritual message for 16 06 2017

about 1 year ago

At times you may feel weak because you yield to anger and sorrow much more easily than others. I ask you to take extra pains to overcome these two. Repetition of the Lord’s Name is the best antidote for this, and if only all of you would take it up, the Lord would rush to your rescue. Never hate or feel envy towards anyone. Pardon the other person’s faults but deal harshly with your own! The Lord’s Name will instill the faith that everything is God’s Will and teach that you have no right to exult or despair. When you go to a doctor, you must take the prescribed medicine and follow the advice and instructions. There is no use blaming the doctor if you default. How can the doctor cure you if you do not take the medicine or stick to the dietary regulations? Do as I say, follow My advice, and then observe the result.