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Spiritual message for 15 06 2017

about 1 year ago

The greatest disease is the absence of peace. So everyone who craves for good health must pay attention to the emotions, feelings and motives that animate you. Just as you give clothes for a wash, you have to wash the mind free from dirt again and again; otherwise the dirt accumulates to form a habit, then it is difficult for the washerman as well as harmful to the clothes. Cleaning should be a daily process; you should see that no dirt settles upon the mind. That requires you to move about in such company where falsehood, injustice, indiscipline, cruelty and hate, which form the dirt are avoided. Truth, righteousness, peace, nonviolence and love — these form the clean elements. If you inhale the pure air of these latter, your mind will be free from evil bacilli and you will be mentally sturdy and physically strong.