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Spiritual message for 13 06 2017

about 1 year ago

Remember to keep the sword of love in the sheath of wisdom and control your senses rigorously by discrimination and detachment. Discrimination guides you to choose your pursuits and friends wisely. It clarifies to you the relative importance of objects and ideals. Detachment saves you from troubles due to attachment and injects a sense of relief, at times of elation or despair. Detachment and discrimination hold before you the impermanence of the world and permanence of the bliss of Reality. The grace of the Lord is always flowing like how the electric current flows through the wire. Fix a bulb, and your home will be illumined. The bulb is the spiritual exercise you perform; home is your heart. Come to Me gladly; dive into the sea and discover its depth; there is no use dipping near the shore and swearing that the sea is shallow and has no pearls. Dive deep and you will secure your desire.